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NYS Online Defensive Driving Course Description

Newly Approved Online Defensive Driving Course for New York State

You'll learn safety techniques & refresh your driving knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Study at your own pace and at your convenience. It's fun, quick and easy! Plus, there is no final exam!

Our user-friendly traffic school program allows you to enjoy the speed and convenience of learning online, while improving your skills and knowledge related to the task of safe driving.

The course will cover traffic safety issues, such as driver attitude and behavior, defensive driving techniques and Vehicle and Traffic Law. Interactive illustrations will walk you through various driving scenarios, about which you will be asked to answer questions. 

Until recently, New Yorkers have been completing this 6 hour traffic course in the classroom, which required two 3-hour lecture sessions on weeknights or a 6-hour lecture session on a Saturday. It has just been made available to take completely online at your own pace in a setting of your choosing.

1. Six hours to complete the curriculum within a 30-day period
The online traffic course requires a total of 6 hours. You may stop and pick up where you left off as often as you'd like.

2. Computer internet connection
It's available 24/7, using a broadband or dial-up connection.

3. Access to a telephone
As you move through the online course, you may periodically be asked to call a toll free phone number and verbally respond, in order to verify that you are actively participating in the course.

Only $34.50

The $34.50 course fee includes the 6 hour online course, issuance of your completion certificate and the automatic, electronic reporting of your successful completion of the course to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

If you have questions or need assistance, please call (585) 248-3846 or Toll free (877) 427-3302
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