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New York State Vehicle Insurance Discount Benefit

Take the course and get an immediate 10% insurance discount for the next 3 years
on any auto or motorcycle insurance policy in New York State!

Just take the newly introduced New York State DMV approved defensive driving course! Completing the online course guarantees you a minimum 10% discount on your base rate of liability, no-fault & collision premiums for three years. It's the most convenient New York Defensive Driving School available!

The course fee of only $34.50 could pay for itself in the first year!

Example savings on a $900 annual insurance premium:
year  without discount
with discount
 $900 $810
 $2700 $2430

Get your 10% insurance reduction for 3 years when you complete our New York DMV approved PIRP (Point and Insurance Reduction Program). That’s 10% off of your motorist's liability, no-fault and collision insurance premiums.

Plus, if you have a traffic ticket in New York, our online traffic course gives you an additional advantage: the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will remove 4 points from your active points total received within the past 18 months. Learn more

Only $34.50

The $34.50 course fee includes the 6 hour online course, issuance of your completion certificate and the automatic, electronic reporting of your successful completion of the course to the New York DMV.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call (585) 248-3846 or Toll free (877) 427-3302

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