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New York Driver's License Point Reduction Benefit

Take the course and the New York State DMV will remove 4 points from your driving record

Have your recently been pulled over in New York for a traffic infraction? Need to reduce points on your drivers license record? Our New York Defensive Driving class is the perfect solution. Get a 4 point reduction off your record just for completing our online course!

After you successfully complete the online course, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will be notified electronically. The DMV computer will automatically reduce your active point total by 4 points for any points received within the previous 18 months.

Plus, you will receive a mandatory 10% insurance discount for 3 years. Learn more

Only $34.50

The $34.50 course fee includes the 6 hour online course, issuance of your completion certificate and the automatic, electronic reporting of your successful completion of the course to the New York DMV.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call (585) 248-3846 or Toll free (877) 427-3302
Our students tell us that we offer the best New York Driving education course available. This fun and interactive course will keep you interested throughout the various topics.
"This point reduction course was quick and painless. I signed up and finished the course in 3 days. It was interesting and I have to admit even though I only took it to knock 4 point off my driving record, I did learn a few things."

Rochester, New York
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